Resonance of Late

Tonight’s #oneaday is going to have to be brief, and that’s because I’m well and truly hooked on Sega’s new RPG Resonance of Fate.

From a quick scan of the various forums I occasionally browse, it seems few people picked this up today. Not surprising, given that it’s out in the same week as Just Cause 2 and Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver (the latter of which should sort out most people’s role-playing needs for this week) and arriving hot on the heels of Final Fantasy XIII.

It’d be a shame if it flopped because it’s got a hugely inventive battle system that might take a while to learn – and which the game is never quite keen enough to explain properly –  but once it clicks it’s satisfying and quite different.

In a way it’s almost the polar opposite to FFXIII, in that Square-Enix’s game took far too long in letting the intricacies of its battle system unfold, while Resonance of Fate seems to do too much too soon – giving you almost all the tools you need straight away, before throwing you in at the deep end by just letting you figure out the best way to use it yourself.

Japanese RPGs, eh? There’s no happy medium. Still, it’s a hell of a month for role-playing fans. Heck, if you count Yakuza 3 as an action-RPG, there are three terrific ones from Sega alone (DS space opera Infinite Space being the other).

Of course, the latter was also released today. Oh, Sega.


One comment

  1. Was looking at Resonance of Fate earlier in a store having heard so little about it previously. Looks just my sort of thing. Very tempting!

    Nice to see so many different RPGs appear in a short space of time. I’m really looking forward to trying out Infinite Space shortly.

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