Culturally British Tax Break Games

The news that British publishers and developers would be getting tax breaks was, for many, the highlight of yesterday’s Budget. So, to celebrate, some bright spark decided to start a trending topic on Twitter to reimagine game titles with a more British leaning. Indeed, it’s still going strong as I type this.

With the tag of #culturallybritishtaxbreakgames, the Twitterati came up with some terrific puns and other riffs on British culture. Here are just a handful of my personal favourites:

Professor Leyton Orient


Command and Conkers

Sensible Football


The Secret of Barry Island

Evelyn: Total Waugh

Bootle Legend

Tony Hawks Pro Comedian and Author

Mario and Sonic Fail Horribly at the Winter Olympic Games

ToeJam and Earl Grey

Fairy Non-Bioshock

Bronté’s Inferno

Just Because

Heavy Rain

And lastly…

Power Scone (one of mine, but it was re-tweeted three times, so it must’ve been appreciated by a few).

I’d add more, but Twitter keeps breaking on me when I try to search the hashtag for anything more than five hours ago. Feel free to comment with your own suggestions if you weren’t privy to this mass procrastination-fest today.



  1. “Paxman”

    Whose was that? That made me do a right chuckle.

    I quite liked ‘Cancelled Flight Simulator’, ‘Just Because’, and – one of my own – quite simply ‘Heavy Rain’.

  2. “Tony Hawks Pro Comedian and Author”

    Man, that’s AMAZING. Kudos to whoever thought of that one!

    Anyone who hasn’t gone to Tony Hawks’ website and read his replies to letters meant for Tony Hawk, needs to do so immediately.

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