A brief observation

Short one for today, but this has happened to me three times in the last week, and I just had to have a bit of a rant. The phrase that’s provoking such ire is this: “Do you want any help with your packing?”

In fairness, it’s not the question that annoys me so, more the connotations of saying ‘no’. Because the three last checkout assistants to ask me that question have all proceeded to then whizz the shopping through the scanner as fast as is humanly possible, meaning that they’ve finished and want me to pass them my cash or my card to pay, while I’ve only got two items in the bottom of my shopping bag.

Seriously, people. It’s not hard. If you ask someone if they want help with their packing and they say ‘no’, that merely means that they’re capable of loading the shopping into said carrier themselves. It does not mean that they are unnaturally speedy at doing so. It does not give you carte blanche to scan items as if you were trying to win some kind of bizarre race. You do not win a prize for doing this, and you merely irritate your customers. Please, for the love of God, stop it.



  1. Don’t get me started on supermarket ettiquette. I could write a book on the things that annoy me in there!!!!!

  2. Too true – the thing I really hate – and you can paint me as a massive grouch here, (except I do do my bit for charity) – is the local kids football team/scout group/school raising money to go to killimanjaro – who stand at the end of the conveyor belt offering to pack you bags for you in exchange for some money in their bucket. It just feels like blackmail – either you say no to a ten year old and look like the worlds biggest tight arse to the rest of the queue or you bow to emotional coercion, and I don’t like doing either. On principle I do always say no though – the choice of which charities I contribute to and when is my choice thank you ! (Yes, what a miserable bastard I am !)

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