One A Day Picks of the Week (15th-21st March)

Time once again for another week’s worth of great One A Day entries. We’ll start this time with Chris Steer’s tale of Murder, which might not be what you think it is from the title. Read it and find out.

Secondly, it’s well worth your while looking up Daniel Lipscombe’s New Project – and make sure you sign up for it while you’re there, too.

Fancy a good old rant? Ian Dransfield is your friend, with his anti-St. Patrick’s Day diatribe.

Most revelatory post? Surely the news that Rhiarti once had blood-red hair, shaved to a grade two. Or that she was once a budding poet.

Meanwhile, Mat Murray confesses he cried at the end of Up, Mike Grant discusses the importance of learning decent written English skills, and Lauren Wainwright examines the debates about videogame violence.

This week’s best post, however, comes from Jennifer Allen, with an astonishingly courageous, frank and moving piece of writing about her father’s untimely death. Some might find it an upsetting read – though surely less so than it was to write – but it is, arguably more than any One A Day post to date, absolutely worthy of your time.



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