One A Day Picks of the Week

Nothing much on the telly? Good. Here’s at least half an hour’s worth of reading material to sit down with. So grab yourself a cuppa and your favourite snack, and settle down to peruse the best One A Day posts from the past week.

Pride of place goes to Andy Johnson this week, with a couple of recommends. First is his interview with Steve Lamacq (partly because my wife and I used to listen to Steve and Jo Whiley’s Evening Session religiously when we first started going out), but also for alerting me to the quite frankly awesome musical time-waster that is ToneMatrix. Do have a go, and experiment a bit – I had three of them going in different tabs, creating an Electroplankton-like cacophony of cute bleeps and bloops.

Next up is Adam Englebright’s Problem With Mediocrity – I don’t agree with everything he says, but he certainly makes an interesting point.

In Clone This by Chris Steer, we’re introduced to the worst one-liner ever. Hilariously bad (the line, not the post).

Ian Dransfield’s moving tribute to the humble clementine is another recent favourite of mine.

Jennifer Allen’s Experiences with Final Fantasy makes me slightly envious I’ve only played a couple of games in the series.

Mat Murray’s piece on the PlayStation Move is worth a look purely for the accompanying picture, though the writing that goes with it deserves your time, too.

Or how about Mike Grant’s erudite commentary on the Bioshock 2 DLC debacle?

Finally, Rhiarti earns my unofficial One A Day post of the week for the gorgeous Leaving. If you only read one One A Day post this week, make sure it’s this one.



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