Casual Observer

I’m full up from a big tea and tired from an early start, and have spent much of the last hour putting a load of CDs onto iTunes so my lovely wife can listen to some fresh tunes on her Nano on the way to work in the morning. (It’s about as close as I get these days to making her a mixtape – if there’s one reason to be sad about the demise of cassettes, it’s the loss of the mixtape, but perhaps that’s a subject for another blog post.)

Anyway, my point being that I’m going to use this to link to a couple of bits and bobs I wrote recently, partly because I’m seriously lacking in inspiration, but also because I don’t often get the chance to properly blow my own trumpet.

As the more eagle-eyed readers will have spotted, I’ve been doing the odd bit of videogames stuff and nonsense for The Observer recently, so here are four links to recent reviews/features of mine, for your enjoyment (I hope).

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing review

Nintendo media summit round-up

Yakuza 3 review

Sonic Classic Collection

Just realised how bizarrely Sega-centric my coverage for The Observer has been so far. Rest assured in a couple of weeks I’ll be rectifying that by reviewing two games from completely different publishers. Erm, and another Sega-published game in galactic DS role-player Infinite Space. Ahem.


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