Brief one tonight because I just reached Chapter 11 on Yakuza 3 and oh wow, basically.

Anyway, just a few things I wanted to clarify:

1. I am still thinking seriously about this charity thing. One A Day has had a few more leavers or absentees since Andy, Matt and others quit, and the rest of us need that motivation, I think.

2. A couple of people have commented that they’re struggling for ideas. I’m therefore wondering whether it might be an idea for me to set optional One A Day ‘assignments’ once a week – perhaps pick a single word and get everyone who’s interested to write something relating to that. Then pick a round-up of the best ones the following day for everyone to look at. Obviously ‘optional’ is the key word here; it’s just a way of perhaps helping people struggling to think of a topic (and might help us pull together even more as a group – Andy’s ‘Desk’ idea seemed to get us all reading each other’s work).

3. I’m going to speak to someone next week about getting this set up as a proper website, with a bespoke theme and a proper network page. I know a site designer who might be able to transform this into something worth looking at.

4. Another idea I had was to open a brand new website purely as a hub for all One A Day contributors. A single page with pics and links to every One A Day blog on a separate site, linked to on everyone’s own personal blog. Could work; we’ll see.

5. Yakuza 3 is really, really good, and almost entirely responsible for any apparently rushed blog entries this past few days.

6. Er…

7. …that’s it.

So, changes are afoot. Interesting ones. I will, as ever, keep you all posted.



  1. You’re awesome! Must admit, having a kind of weekly joker card folk can use if they’re struggling for an idea (or just not in the mood) would be a nice thing. Today’s post certainly wouldn’t have happened if I’d had anything more interesting to talk about!

  2. I’ve been absent after that @tymetowaste debacle plus many other ridiculously busy things, I don’t want to/haven’t given up though. Is it cheating if I come back to it after almost two weeks of no entries?

  3. No, it’s not cheating. The idea is that you try to do One A Day for as long as you can. I think almost everyone has missed at least one day so far.

  4. Some great ideas there – a #oneaday hub would definately help to keep everyone reading each others posts, and fixed assignments could be quite challenging.

    I’ve a feeling that my initiative will only last so long …

  5. Nice ideas, Chris. Would be great to have some sort of hub, and I like the thought of having a “Joker card” to pull out when short of ideas, in the form of the word a week thing you suggested.

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