The week’s best One A Day entries

Thought I’d pick out some of my favourite One A Day posts from the last week for your delectation and delight. Please don’t be offended if your name’s not on this (fairly short) list – it may be that I’ve not got around to reading your blog properly yet, and these are just five entries I personally enjoyed this week.

Check out Andy Johnson’s excellent Anecdote from the Savannah for a well-written tale with a neat twist at the end.

Mike Grant’s Mail Beyond the Pale is a suitably savage indictment of Richard Littlejohn’s shockingly racist column.

Or how about Rachel’s delightful Walking near Frensham Pond – complete with beautiful photography?

Fancy a good old well-written rant? Ian Dransfield is your go-to guy, and his The future is sterile, and so are you piece is well worth a look.

Finally, though he’s no longer officially One-A-Daying, I couldn’t ignore Matt Lees doing us all a great service by pointing us all in the direction of the excellent Layin’ Pipe.


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