Read less, digest more?

The 20th century’s greatest invention has become the 21st century’s greatest distraction. The internet is simultaneously a procrastinator’s best friend and his worst enemy, particularly since the advent of Facebook and Twitter. While the fields of Farmville remain unploughed in this household, the allure of social networking sites is often hard to resist.

Twitter in particular has an ever more frequent presence as part of my daily life, especially since the Chromed Bird extension regularly alerts me to updates from the 94 people I’ve chosen to follow. Clicking on a link to a story, picture, video or blog post can reveal something fascinating and exciting – I often learn something new simply because I follow such interesting people.

The problem I have is remembering all the new info that’s been passed my way. Whether it’s an age thing, a tiredness issue, or simply because the world wide web moves at such a breathless pace, I find I’m not really retaining much of what I read during an average day. I’ll leave a tab open for two or three points of interest to discuss with my wife when she returns home, but I’m convinced I’ll browse about four or five links per day that I’ve completely forgotten about within 24 hours.

So I’m going to be a little more picky in what I choose to read over the coming weeks. Unless I happen across an Eternal Sunshine-esque mind-wipe device to free up some space in this overcrowded cerebrum of mine.


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