Above is the cover for Issue #1 of kids’ gaming magazine, Megaton, which is released this Thursday. It’s a publication I have a vested interest in, given that I’ve contributed a few words to the launch issue, and I’m hoping it’s going to be big. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be – most kids’ mags are 40-50 thin pages in a bag with some plastic tat. Megaton is 100 pages of gaming reviews, features and officially licensed Cartoon Network comic strips. Gifts will be bound in with the mag, so they’re all going to be paper-based – the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom stickers in Issue 1 are pretty damned awesome.

What’s most interesting about it for me is that I’ve been involved with the mag from quite an early stage  – and it’s been really interesting to see it develop, from the original concept, through various designs and ideas, to the finished product people will be getting their hands on this week. I’ve seen a number of pages in PDF form and it’s looking great – I know Japanese gaming mags were a big influence, but while there’s lots going on, it never comes across as looking too busy. I’m really excited to see how it looks in print.

Hopefully the young target audience – and, indeed, the parents likely to be buying the mag for their offspring in the first place – will see that Megaton is trying to do something a little different from the kids’ mag norm, and it’ll be the success I know it deserves to be. A lot of late nights and hard work have gone into the production of Megaton, and if you’ve got a relative aged 8-12 who’s interested in games or cartoons, then I’d recommend you pick up a copy.

Plug over. Normal blog service will be resumed tomorrow.



  1. Sounds like something I’d have loved as a kid. Cartoons and games meant the world to me back then!…..actually nothing appears to have changed. Oops.

    I’m one of the strange people that love reviewing games aimed at kids. Maybe I’m regressing.

  2. Looks good, I suspect my 8 year old would love it, and if it has that many pages then I’d much rather spend money on that than some of the ones she usually ends up with (choice mostly influenced by whatever plastic tat there is stuck to the front cover). Just a shame we won’t be able to get it over here!

  3. I’m playing a cracking game aimed at kids at the moment – the new Alice in Wonderland game on DS. It’s also nice to have games I can play in front of my four-year-old.

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