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So today I’ve been thinking a little more seriously about the charity idea I posited in my recent blog entry about getting One A Day back on track. I’d initially thought Child’s Play might be a good shout, what with a large number of the collective being involved with gaming or games journalism in some way. But Jon Cresswell had perhaps a better idea.

Given that One A Day is (obviously) all about writing, Jon’s suggestion of a literacy charity seemed like the most appropriate choice. There are a number of charities of that nature, but having examined them all, the one which stood out most was Room To Read.

The charity’s basic aim is to improve literacy in developing countries. It works in collaboration with local communities and governments to develop literacy skills and improve reading habits among younger children. It also attempts to ensure gender equality in countries where girls aren’t necessarily taught or treated in the same way as boys.

I’d like to invite all One-A-Dayers to take a look at the site, and over the next week or so I’ll attempt to further gauge just how interested people are in contributing to the charitable cause. By no means is any of this decided – if any of you have other suggestions for charities you’d like to support, then I’m all ears. Similarly, if you want to carry on One A Day without worrying about the charity angle, that’s perfectly fine. At this stage it’s just an idea.

Once again, I’d appreciate your comments, fellow bloggers. I’ll make sure I’m following you all on Twitter, and I’ll get in touch with you at some point in the coming weeks to discuss this further.



  1. I think it’s a great idea. I’m bias when it comes to charities as my daughter was cared for and passed away in Great Ormond Street, so I always support them, but any charity should/could benefit from what we’re doing.

  2. Count me in. I think – aside from the obvious benefits of helping those in need, however small that help might be – it will give more drive for people to actually get the arse in gear and do something every day.

    And if my inane rants about nothing in particular can help some poor kid out, well – that would be surreal.

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss, Daniel.

    I wouldn’t have any objections if anyone wanted to use their own choice of charities – my reasoning for picking one was that we could raise a fairly substantial amount of money between us rather than just a tiny amount for several individual charities.

    If others want to support Great Ormond Street, then I’d personally be delighted to represent them instead.

  4. I too have a personal bias towards a particular charity (in my case Leukaemia Research) but I think picking just the one for a combined effort is a good idea. Don’t mind whether it’s GOSH or Room to Read, both are worthwhile causes.

  5. Thanks for the responses, everyone. I’d welcome even more – so if you’ve not commented yet (either on here or Twitter) then please do. 🙂

  6. What would this involve? Donations? I’m up for whatever we should try to help out and do what we can.

    Maybe we could all run adverts on our blogs and donate all the money to charity.

    • Ads aren’t a bad idea, though I was more thinking of a more traditional get-people-to-sponsor-you approach. I’m sure you’ve got friends and family members who’d happily give you at least a penny per post. At the end of the year £3.65 x 10 relatives = £36.50. Multiply that by thirty of us and you’d have a pretty tidy sum.

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  8. I’d normally sway towards a medical-related charity as well, but I do like the idea of the charity being tailored towards literacy, seems like a good, worthwhile cause. I’m definitely up for this, I’d like to see OneADay continue, and adding a cause is going to make it even better.

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