Inspired by Emily Knox‘s tweet about ‘pics of fallout 3 nude characters’ (and isn’t that a disturbing thought?) being one of the top searches leading to her blog, I thought I’d check out some of the more unusual ones which have led some strange people to find my own.

‘miles edgeworth’ is perfectly understandable, as is ‘shipwithoutarudder’. Thereafter, things start getting weirder. I’ve no idea where ‘it’s not a cartoon’ has come from, while the person looking for ‘sex under sea’ presumably didn’t bargain for a link to my Endless Ocean piece – at least, I’m assuming that’s the post they were led to.

Then, bizarrely, someone’s found me by looking for ‘mido’s wife’. I can only think that my mention of West Ham’s £1k-a-week striker as an amusing nickname for an Egyptian goose was what prompted my little blog’s appearance under that particular search.

So, fellow One-A-Dayers, what bizarre search terms have led to internet weirdos visiting your blog?

ADDENDUM: You may have spotted a new link on my Blogroll (well, the only link, to be pedantic). The brilliantly-named Games In Hand is home to Nathan Brown, who happens to be one of the funniest people I know in real life. He’s just started the blog, but it’d be great if you could support him by checking it out – you might just have a chuckle or two.


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