One A Day is hard. And that’s why it’s worth doing.

Today is a sad day for the One A Day collective. Our erstwhile leader, Andy Kelly, has decided he can go on no longer. The excellent Matt Lees (otherwise known as Jam Sponge) will also be bowing out – or at least reducing his output. Both have extremely good reasons for stopping. I have a few myself. But I’m going to carry on.


In truth, I’m not entirely certain. But somehow, to me, this feels like a worthy cause. Like something worth fighting for. The best things in life you have to really work at to get the rewards at the end. And this is no different. Doing one blog post every single day for 365 days is a heck of an undertaking. Hell, it’s bordering on madness. There are days when I don’t want to post anything. There are days when I have very little to say. There are days when I have mere minutes of genuine free time. There are days when I could really do with an early night, but while the day remains unblogged, I can’t really sleep.

One A Day feels like a project that could really do something, could really mean something. Yet I do wonder if we need fresh impetus. If we could somehow get a sponsor, or attempt to generate press interest, perhaps that could be an effective motivator. If we could even use this to somehow raise money for a charity of some sort, that would be something very special indeed. If we each got ten people to give us a penny per post, by the end of the year we’d have well over £1000. I’m sure that would encourage people to stick at it.

Today, Andy asked who wanted to be the new One A Day czar. I’d love to have the job, though I think it’s perhaps best if all us One-A-Dayers put our heads together and put it to a vote. Obviously if I did get the nod I’d need to do something about the site and set up a proper network page, but I’m determined not to let this great idea – and it is a great idea – disintegrate into nothingness. If anyone reading this is a web whizz and wouldn’t mind helping me knock up an awesome network page for this venture – I can’t promise payment, but I’d make sure you were rewarded in some way – then please contact me at favoritet[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you read this, please forward it to your Twitter followers, your Facebook account, or anyone else you know who’s either currently involved in One A Day or would like to be. Let’s salvage something from this mess.

Who’s with me?


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