Working late

I’m working late tonight. Got a feature that’s refusing to be written but has to be in for tomorrow morning.

I hate it when that happens.

Weirdly, though, I often find I’m more productive when writing at this time. The house is really quiet and I find that often makes it easier for me to concentrate on the task in hand. I’m not one of these people that really writes to music, and if I was, I’d have to have it playing through the telly rather than my PC – the speakers are too close, and it’d just have to be background noise rather than anything I wanted to actively listen to.

Conversely, when I’m writing during the day, I don’t like it to be TOO quiet. Perhaps it’s expectation as much as anything else. Days should be relatively noisy and nights should be quiet, and disrupting the status quo – whether by having total silence in daylight hours or making noise when the sun goes down – feels slightly wrong.

That or I’m looking for any excuse not to have total concentration on the task in hand.

I’m not sure quite where I’m going with this, so I’ll sign off for the night – particularly as I have well over 1000 words to write before bed.

Ah, the life of a games journalist.



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