It’s kind of cheating, but…

…Heavy Rain arrived today, hence me not having much time to blog. So I’m doing this a tiny wee cop-out entry for today’s One A Day. Hopefully, I shall be a little more organised tomorrow.

In my defence, I’ve only been playing Heavy Rain for three hours (impressions so far: wonky voice acting, dodgy script, Uncanny Valley character models, completely amazing). I’ve had other writing work on for the rest of the day, including reviewing the same game for two publications that literally could NOT be more different.

So you get maybe a hundred words on nothing in particular. And here was me thinking that we should spice One A Day up a bit by turning it into a knockout competition, with those who failed to fulfil the whole one-blog-entry-per-day remit being gradually whittled down until we were left with one champion. Of course, towards the end, we’d have to up the stakes to two per day, or one per hour, eventually resulting in furious non-stop blogging until one of the remaining writers collapses from exhaustion, leaving the bleary-eyed victor to seek urgent medical assistance for the vicious shooting pains in their hands and the furious throbbing in their temples.

A bad idea whichever way you look at it, then.


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