Buy ‘Flower’. Now.

I resolved to try and avoid writing about games too much on this blog – if only because I spend seemingly the entirety of my existence writing about games. But here I am, writing about games once more.

And why am I writing about games once more? Because thatgamecompany’s wondrous ‘Flower’ is available now on the PlayStation Network, for the rather less-than-princely sum of £2.39 (reduced from the still-bargainous £6.29).

That, dear readers, is just about the best £2.39 you’ll spend this year shy of a winning lottery ticket and a big bag of Haribo. It’s a genuinely magical experience; an audiovisual treat; a sensory experience unlike any other videogame. It’s a feast for the eyes, ears and heart, and at that ridiculous price, you really have absolutely no excuse not to own it.

Unless you don’t own a PS3. In which case, buy one and then buy ‘Flower’. You’ll surely thank me for it later.


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