Sweet disposition

Ah, sweets. Little nuggets of sugar and evil. They’re incredibly unhealthy, with almost zero nutritional value. Naturally, I’m a huge fan.

It’s weird; sweets are supposed to be something you grow out of when you’re about fifteen. But I rarely ate sweets at a young age – and I’m more than making up for that now. They’re never to curb hunger pangs. I eat them simply because I like the taste. That, and I have zero willpower.

Though I’m seriously trying to reduce my sweet consumption, there are some I simply can’t resist buying every now and again. Here are my top five favourite sweet treats.

5. Cough candy twists – An enduring classic, and you can convince yourself that they contain some vaguely medicinal properties. At least you could if eating a quarter of them in a few hours didn’t make your stomach feel sad.

4. MAOAM – Sticky, chewy slices of heaven. Delightfully fruity, with a subtly sour tinge. Lovely.

3. Rowntree’s Randoms – A new entry for these gorgeous, fruity treats. The milky ice cream ones are best enjoyed as a palette cleanser between the tangy lime-flavoured gums and the goo-filled yellow ones. Slightly stingy amount of sweets per bag, but the sheer variety on offer makes them well worth a place here.

2. Blackcurrant Liquorice Flyers – Whoever first thought of combining these two seemingly incompatible flavours is a genius. They’re particularly well employed here, with sherbert adding that fizzy kick the standard boiled blackcurrant and liquorice boiled sweets lack.

1. Haribo Tangfastics – Brilliant name, wonderful sweets – the cherries and cola bottles in particular (though I’m developing a deep admiration for the foam crocodiles, too). Perhaps not a connoisseur’s choice, but the tangfastic taste really does it for me.

What are your favourite sugary snacks, readers?


One comment

  1. I’ve got to go with you on Tangfastics. Those and Dobson’s Voice Tablets.
    Mind you, the only sweets I really can’t live without are Polos… trying to break the habit though…

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