Hot liquid sex

Just to get it out of the way right off the bat: this post is going to be about tea.

Sorry if you were misled by the title,  though surely if you were a regular reader you’d know me better than that. Dizzied by the relative success of my ‘Competition Time!’ post (around twice as many views as the days surrounding it) I thought I’d experiment with a slightly sensationalist, tabloid title for today’s entry to see if a catchy header really is enough to score tons of hits. Tomorrow’s entry will confirm either way whether it was a hit or a miss…

Anyway: tea. I never used to drink it, and I still don’t, really. Well, not proper tea, anyway. But lately, with my current health situation requiring me to avoid coffee, fizzy drinks, fruit juices and pretty much anything else that’s not water, I’ve been glugging gallons of green, Rooibos and fruit variations on the nation’s favourite drink.

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a big selection box of teas to keep me going for a while, from the lovely folks at Clipper Teas. Because I’m incredibly shallow, I was first attracted to Clipper by their boxes, which have a lo-fi indie cool thing going on. Fonts with an almost handwritten look to them, simplistic drawings of the product – and a FairTrade logo in the bottom corner which makes you feel like you’re doing some good for the world as you sit at your PC next to your warm radiator with your games console blaring away in the background and the big light on.

My current fave is ‘green tea with ginkgo enhanced with blackcurrant flavour’ (did I mention the lower case lettering?) but the ‘wild berry’ is starting to worm its way into my affections. Green tea’s purported to have all sorts of health-giving properties, but I can’t say I’ve noticed any real improvement in my wellbeing so far, presumably because it’s got several years’ worth of poor diet, stress, late nights and lack of exercise to try and counteract.

Anyway, presumably my body’s inwardly thanking me for treating it a little better, and maybe I’ll eventually feel the benefit. In the meantime, if any of you readers have any tea recommendations, please feel free to comment below.



  1. Try Twinings Dream Time!! An odd mix of honey apricot and but it’s bloody gorgeous. And the box is quite funky too!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I do have a few Twinings blends, but will check that out. Presumably that’s only for pre-bed drinking though?

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