Competition time!

It’s been a rough day, so just a short one tonight. But! It’s a competition. With a genuine prize and everything. First person to add a comment with the correct answer wins.

The other day at a press event in London, I made a fellow games journalist laugh by using the phrase “pube renderer” (puerile, I know, but it was funny at the time). Which forthcoming videogame were we discussing?

Quite easy, if you think about it. Answer below for your chance to win!



  1. Wow! We have an instant winner! Well done, Winckle. Please email me at favoritet[at]gmail[dot]com with your address, so I can send your prize in the post.

  2. Cheers man, I’m sorry about ending it so soon, me and Mafro were talking about it earlier and how it would have a sex scene similar to Fahrenheit and I remembered and thought it was a fair guess.

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