5 game sites to bookmark NOW

A little lacking in energy this evening, so I’m doing a list. Again. Sorry.

Anyway, here are five of my favourite game websites, all of which I think are worthy of some of your internet time.

1. Tiny Cartridge – A blog ostensibly about the Nintendo DS, but often featuring various other tidbits of niche gaming culture with a charmingly lo-fi design and interesting, well-written content.

2. Box Art – The Ronseal of video game websites. Can’t really describe it any better than the site itself does: “A scrapbook collection of awesome videogame box art.” Works for me.

3. Telegraph Online – Self-interest alert! Yes, I occasionally contribute the odd article or review, but I’m recommending this because it also features the work of two other excellent writers, Tom Hoggins and Nick Cowen, who don’t get nearly enough acclaim for their enthusiastic, informed prose. Some of the best newspaper video game coverage around.

4. 4 Color Rebellion – Terrific US site with Nintendo and retro leanings. Always something interesting to read, and I find the site hugely appealing from a visual standpoint. Clean, efficient design without being sterile. Lovely.

5. Rllmuk – Video game discussion forums are full of idiots. Rllmuk has a much lower ratio of idiots than most, and is one of the few places you can have a sensible chat about games without seeing (much) trolling, abuse or terrible grammar. Extra bonus points for the distinct lack of GIFs and a comparatively restrained use of emoticons.


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