The best 2 minutes of telly you’ll see all year

This incredible two-minute dissection of a generic modern news report on Charlie Brooker’s satirical BBC4 show Newswipe was one of the best pieces of telly I’ve seen in a long, long time. More on-the-money than the queen’s head, and as bitingly vicious as a ravenous ferret.

With items like this, and last night’s think-piece on unnamed sources – pointing out the outright lies printed at the time of the Jean-Charles de Menezes shooting, based purely on uncorroborated reports – Newswipe could be one of the most important shows you’ve ever missed. To rectify that – and I urge you do so immediately – click here to watch episodes on the iPlayer, or tune in Tuesday nights at 10.30pm on BBC4. It might not sound like your cup of tea, but it effortlessly straddles the uncomfortably large gap between ‘entertainment’ and ‘education’, being both genuinely thought-provoking and plenty amusing. Do please watch it. You might just learn something.



  1. Agreed, watched it myself. Was spot on and a right pop at the so-called ‘news’ as it is these days.

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