Bit early for a One A Day post? Yeah-huh. Reason? Read on.






I’m not tired at the moment.

Okay. What time is it, James?


(Oh God.)


(Ohhhhhhh, no.)

…Three. Five thirty-three.

Oooh, it’s a bit early, chap.

*sigh* But I’m not tired at the moment.

But it’s too early to get up.

*deeper sigh* Oh, but I HAVE to.

Okay, well just have a little bit…a bit longer in bo-bo’s. We’ll get up when it’s a bit…

But I definitely am not tired.

All right. Well, let’s get up very soon. We’ll get up when it’s…five-fifty-something.

*sigh* O-kay.


Daddy! It’s five-five-oh. Five fifty.

Whu-? Oh. Oh, okay. Erm…okay, we’ll definitely get up at…at…five fifty-eight. Come on, get your head down, just a bit longer.

But I’m being a grass Pokémon.

Oh, okay. Who are you being?

It begins with ‘g’.

Is it Grotle?


Okay, Grotle, just a bit longer.


It’s five-five-eight. Five fifty-eight! We have to absolutely get up NOW!


Of course, then I start mentally totting up the hours I’ve spent asleep, because I like to torture myself that way. I remember that I turned in at around 12:30, and I likely didn’t nod off straight away, so I’ve had, what? Maybe four and a half hours?

So it’s at least partly my fault that I’m sitting here, blearily tapping away through the haze of sleep gunking up my eyeballs. And I realise that my own habit of staying up too late – to watch, or read, or play – is being echoed in my son’s determination to spend as much time awake as is humanly possible. He wants to seize the day, to take in as much as he can. He’s missing stuff when his eyes are closed. Sleep be damned, there’s a world of stuff to appreciate!

In other words, he’s his father’s son. Knackered though I undeniably am, I wouldn’t have him any other way.



    • I take it you’re not a big fan of any ‘Mon after gen 3? As someone late to the party with Pokémon, I can’t say I see a significant decline in the designs. Some rubbish ones, of course, but some equally inventive ones, too.

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