“It’s not a cartoon”

Just a short one tonight, as the piece I wanted to write depended on the publication of something of mine elsewhere on the internet, and it’s not up yet. Grr.

Anyway, this evening the wife and I watched the opening two hours of the eighth season of 24. (I make no apology for my love of 24; for me, it’s escapist entertainment at its best.) I won’t spoil any key plot points for those who are waiting to see it on Sky this weekend, but I’d like to relay a small portion of one of the opening scenes. This is a genuine exchange between Jack and his granddaughter, Teri:

Teri: The cartoon you turned on is boring.

Jack (reaching for the remote): Okay, we’ll find another one.

He changes the channel. It’s FOX News. They watch it for about ten seconds, then…

Teri: Grandpa! This isn’t a cartoon!

Jack (laughing): Okay, okay.

Presumably they cut the bit where he says ‘but that’s exactly what it is, sweetie’ for being a little too close to the bone. But Jack’s knowing chuckle was enough. Hopefully we’ll see a bit more of this subversive, biting-the-hand-that-feeds satire from the programme-makers, and Hour 16 will see Jack torture Glenn Beck for conspiring against the current administration. For the remaining eight hours.

We can but dream, eh?


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