My idea

So, this One A Day thing, then.

One blog post a day. 365 days a year. 28 participants. That’s 10,220 individual blog entries. If we assume a very conservative estimate of 300 words per average entry, that’s 3,066,000 words. Over three million words. That’s a lot of words. A fuck of a lot of words.

In among those three million words, there’s likely to be some glittering gems of prose. Some witty observations, some knowledgeable, thought-provoking, discussion-worthy opinion pieces. And some really funny stuff. Maybe a bit with a dog, I dunno.

Anyway, it would be an awful shame for these words to merely fester away in some dark corner of the infinite wasteland we call the internet, so I had the (possibly foolish and almost certainly way too optimistic) idea that the best of the best of the entries could somehow be brought together in some form of tangible collection. In short: a book.

Like I say, it’s unlikely to be doable, and even if it was, the voting process would invariably leave some contributors upset as to why their favourite entries weren’t included and he’s got three in the book and I’ve only got one and I hate you guys and I’m going home. But if, by some miracle, this did happen, it’d be a glorious antithesis to the kind of tome that passes for bestselling literature these days. You know the type – the collection of inane, meaningless ramblings of some celeb-for-five-minutes who’s barely out of the womb yet feels they’ve somehow earned the right to have someone write about their vacuous non-existence on this planet to date.

It could be sold as ‘a searing, insightful examination of the modern mindset in the internet age’. I’d buy it. And I’m sure quite a few other people would, too.



  1. It’s a quality idea. Easiest way would be to self-publish via Lulu. Sure only the people writing the blogs would buy a copy, but it would be a neat thing to own all the same.

  2. I was already planning to collect the best entries in a ‘zine’, which I’d then distribute for free. Y’know, in pubs and libraries and stuff.

  3. Similarly, when I finish I was going to publish mine as a book. No more than 10 copies would probably ever get made, myself, family, some to leave around and a few to stick on Amazon for a laugh and see them go unsold forever. However, at an average of 600 words a day (this is a conservative estimate, I’m currently averaging 700ish) this book will be approximately 800 page long. No surprise if I’m trying to write each one as a mini-column, so I suppose it’ll end up as a best of.

    I’m certainly willing to be part of a big collective thing with the other #oneaday members if any of my articles are considered. However, more important is the #oneaday pub meeting which must also happen.

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